Dimensions/Weight Information:

Assembled Dims: (L) 218cm x (W) x 150cm x (H) 200cm

User Weight Limit 135 Kg

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Standard delivery is FREE to UK mainland postcodes (exclusions apply)

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Adidas Olympic Bench

RRP: £349.99 Our Price: £299.00

To perform your best Chest press, Shoulder press, Squats or Sumo Squats you either need a full time training partner or a versatile bench and a set of squat stands. The Adidas Olympic Bench is exactly that. The bench back pad can be adjusted into four key positions that encourage complete muscle activation including flat, 30º, 45º and 70º. The back rest pad tapers in at the top to enable unimpeded motion through the shoulder girdle during pec flys, shoulder presses and pullovers. By loading your weight plates on to the leg developer you have the facility to perform targeted muscle work on your quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups. The bench can be positioned between the squat rack uprights or removed to allow you to stand inside the height adjustable uprights and perform unaided heavy squats.

When training with weights, quality is as important as quantity. With the bar sitting on your shoulders, Squats should go low and be controlled, your feet need to be shoulder width apart (wider for Sumo Squats) and make sure you benefit from the eccentric phase of the movement (on the way down) by going slowly rather than just dropping down. During Chest press, position the bar above your heart and again make use of the eccentric phase to maximise the TUT (Time Under Tension). Also at the lowest point of the chest press squeeze your shoulder blades together - this will accentuate the muscle action of your pecs to the max.

Using a squat rack is going be the difference between lifting 'some' weight and lifting optimal weights! Why? Because most people can squat more than they can pick up from floor height so, by starting with the bar already at shoulder height you'll be able to load yourself whilst standing upright then just take a small step forward before you 'set' your feet and perform your squat

Adjustable leg developer, five position adjustable back pad.

Adjustable upright crutches.