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  • Run Anytime, Any Weather
  • Burns Calories
  • Great Cardio Vascular Workout
  • Build Strength and Stamina
  • Shape and Tone
  • High Specification and Quality

Treadmills, or "Running Machines", are one of the most popular pieces of home gym equipment in the UK. Suitable for all abilities, working out on a Treadmill is an effective way of improving general levels of fitness whilst boosting stamina, improving body tone and muscle definition and aiding weight loss.

Our Treadmills are packed full of great features, designed to help you get the most from your workout.

To help you stay motivated, several of our products now come with MP3 technology, including headphone sockets and audio speakers. For added convenience, all our Treadmills require mimimal self-assembly and are delivered FREE OF CHARGE to addresses in mainland UK.

Guide to Buying a Treadmill

If you are aiming to boost your fitness and lose weight then a treadmill makes great sense - running is a fun activity and can be done by all ages and abilities, even if you need to start at walking pace. Orbus Leisure has a range of treadmills for sale and each one comes with our price match guarantee! Test our prices today!

Choosing your Treadmill

When shopping for a treadmill it is important to recognise the two main types available; manual and motorised. All the treadmills within the Orbus Leisure range are motorised treadmills.

Our motorised treadmills can be controlled in terms of speed, incline and routine meaning you can vary your workout in every session.

Treadmill Features and Benefits

LCD Screen & Onboard Computer

Our treadmills are feature packed, even at the bottom of the price range. You will notice that they are all supplied with an LCD control screen (screens vary depending upon model). The console allows you to plan and monitor your workout with each and every step and will provide readings such as time taken, calories burned, distance and heart rate. You will also use the consol to select the routine you wish to perform during any particular workout session.

Heart Rate Monitor

All our treadmills feature an onboard heart rate monitor and it is important to pay attention to this throughout your workout. As your fitness improves you will find that so too does your heart rate. You can use your heart rate to guide you through your workout, slowing down when it is high and speeding up when it is low.



A quality treadmill will be supplied with a cushioned surface beneath the belt. This is for both comfort and safety as the impact of your foot hitting the belt with each step you take is minimised. Look for a treadmill with a generous sized track, otherwise you may find yourself running off the end!


MP3 Technology

Our customers tell us that one of the biggest obstacles to exercise is boredom so we have incorporated MP3 technology into a number of our treadmills. Users then have the freedom to hook up their iPod or other compatible device and workout to music which can be played via the onboard speakers, rather than earphones.



Many cheap, bottom of the range treadmills require masses of DIY prior to first use and can be very unstable. Our treadmills all require minimal assembly and are supplied with comprehensive instruction guides.



When buying any piece of fitness equipment you should always ask about the warranty. Fitness equipment should be viewed as an investment and at Orbus Leisure we offer customers peace of mind with our extended warranties, many of which are supplied free of charge. Warranties are listed on each product page, but if you need any more advice please call us; we will be happy to help.


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