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Horizon Passport - Video Pack 1

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Pacific Northwest  & The Swiss Alps


Pacific Northwest  - About this Destination (See video)

Washington state plays host to this mix of urban and nature runs. Sweat in the shadow of volcanic Mount St. Helens, then dodge farmers and fish mongers at Pike Place Market in Seattle.


  • Seattle, Washington
  • Olympic National Park, Washington
  • Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington


The Swiss Alps  - About this Destination ( See Video)

The Swiss Alps are home to ancient glaciers, rugged mountain sheep, and the mighty Matterhorn. Follow the River Aar out of the mountains, and into the Altstadt of Bern, where Gothic cathedrals cast shadows across electric light rails.


  • Pennine Alps, Valais
  • Lepontine Alps, Uri
  • Bernese Alps, Bern
  • Bern, Bern