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Available Colours: White, Light Powder Blue or Black

Available Sizes: Small 175mm, Medium 190mm or Large 205mm

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Power Energy Balance Band White / Medium

RRP: £19.99 Our Price: £5.99


Did you know that Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes!

Negative Ions do lots of good things....

They can help you sleep, help you relax and support Wellbeing. They increase circulation & energy power to your brain, improve flexibility and balance. All which help to create a sharper, stronger happier you! They can even help with Pain Relief!

They also increased stamina & recovery, so create More Power, More Balance and More Energy!

Negative ions are all around us when we are outdoors. In fact, all plants give off negative ions. Science has proved that negative ions are beneficial to human body, and can improve human body health & wellbeing. Negative ions produce biochemical reactions that boost our daytime energy to counteract the effects of harmful Positive ions

Our Original Power Energy Balance Band are made from high quality, flexible silicon rubber and use the power of natural minerals. Minerals such as Tourmaline and Germanium; which release Negative ions, alpha waves & far infrared rays slowly, consistently and naturally, are infused into the bands, all of which make you feel great!

It's that simple. Try it.... millions of people swear by them!


The Power Energy Bands come in 3 sizes and are presented in a display case which make a superb gift for a friend or loved one, or even they could just be the best present you ever buy for yourself!

Colours: White, Light Powder Blue or Black

Sizes: Small 175mm, Medium 190mm or Large 205mm

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