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Weight Training

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The benefits of weight training are very clear, and workouts can be added to cardio routines you may already have in place to great effect.

Build Muscles and Tone: Training with heavy weights is the best way to build muscle.

Calorie Burn: Burn calories and improve your BMI to look leaner and fitter. Just a few repetitions a day can show real results.

Increase Bone Density: By stressing bones, you improved bone density. Light weights used regularly can be of real benefit.

Fight Age-Related Muscle Loss: Maintaining strong, lean muscles as you age will help you stay fit, flexible and functional.

Get Yourself Moving: Strength work will mean you can improve your functionality and movement. You will feel fitter and stronger in body and mind.

  • 8 Results
  • Adidas Power Tower Adidas Power Tower

    RRP: £299.99

    Our Price: £249.99

  • Adidas Adjustable Ab Bench Adidas Adjustable Ab Bench

    RRP: £119.99

    Our Price: £99.99

  • Orbus Adjustable Selective Dumbbells Orbus Adjustable Selective Dumbbells

    RRP: £299.00

    Our Price: £289.00

  • Adidas Power Bench Adidas Power Bench

    RRP: £399.99

    Our Price: £349.00

  • Adidas Olympic Bench Adidas Olympic Bench

    RRP: £349.99

    Our Price: £299.00

  • Adidas Home Gym Adidas Home Gym

    RRP: £699.99

    Our Price: £599.00

  • Adidas Flat Training Bench Adidas Flat Training Bench

    RRP: £99.99

    Our Price: £89.99

  • Adidas Utility Bench Adidas Utility Bench

    RRP: £169.99

    Our Price: £149.00