Why Rest is as important as Exercise when it comes to Weight Loss and Fitness Levels

Your eyes are not deceiving you…! Rest really is crucial when it comes to losing weight, sharpening up your physique and improving your overall levels of fitness. But before you head off for a night slouched on the sofa you need to note that we are advocating quality rest, not laziness! And the best kind of rest you can give yourself is a good nights’ sleep.

Let’s think about it… if you have a short amount of sleep at night, then work a full day and arrive back home shattered you are more likely to eat a quick and often unhealthy evening meal, reach for that glass of wine or beer and end up sitting in front of the TV, before retiring to bed to complete the same cycle over and over again. If you are tired you are far less likely to hop on to your cross trainer for a 30 minute session of intensive exercise.

According to research the average adult needs around seven hours sleep each night. Any less than this and you increase the chances that your body will produce higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone known to promote hunger and fat retention.

So, if your weight loss goals seem a mile away have a good think about your sleeping habits. Improve your sleeping patterns and you will be much more inclined to come home from a busy day at work with enough energy to do some exercise at home. And of course, exercise boosts your happy hormones and will make a good nights’ sleep far more likely.

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