What is spinning?


You may understand what a spin bike is, and have seen rows of bikes lines up at the gym, but what actually happens in a spin class?

Well, for the uninitiated, spin bikes are simply indoor cycles, that closely resemble standard road bikes. The words ‘spin’ bike, or ‘spinning’ bike are registered trademarks, so are not descriptions sellers of indoor bikes can use without permission. That isn’t to say that indoor cycles, not described as ‘spin’, which are widely available, are of less quality, or provide less of a workout.

You standard ‘spin’ class will involve a motivational gathering, led by an instructor. They will lead the class through an imaginary ride, telling the class when to rise from the saddle as they approach a theoretical ‘hill’, when to accelerate and when to slow. Of course, the coach will work the class through a warm up and cool down period as well, but the main benefits people fond are that it can be greatly motivational to be pushed to your limits by the class leader, and some element of competitiveness can shine through, pushing motivation higher.

Of course, the class member will ultimately decide what level of ‘torcher’ (enjoyment) they will reach, as they will determine their effort and resistance levels, although the leader will encourage the class the move up and down through resistance levels during the workout.

The classes normally last between 30 and 60 minutes and are brilliant for those wanting a push, or as a good replacement for road work during the bleaker months!

Those who are looking for a more solitary experience can of course replicate this type of workout at home, with your own exercise bike. You would just need to bring your own motivation and imagination to make the experience as enjoyable and varied as possible.

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