Weight Loss: Seeing Is Believing

When one is drastically overweight, it can be difficult believing that he or she can actually lose the weight. This is not only true for the one who is struggling from obesity, but it is also true for family members and friends.  Why? Losing a large amount of weight takes hard work in effort. Few people are willing to take on the challenge and complete the journey.  This is the reason why people have such little faith in diets and exercise plans.  In order to lose weight, however, seeing weight loss results means believing in them.

An attitude of weight loss

Developing a “can do” attitude in regards to weight loss should be the first step in beginning any weight loss journey.  If one believes that he can lose weight, he will begin to see results. An attitude of weight loss includes the following:

  • Believing that results are possible.
  • Being ready and willing to take on the weight loss challenge.
  • Releasing the mind of any negative thoughts about weight loss.
  • Looking at weight loss as a journey rather than a destination. 
  • Keeping weight loss goals realistic and doing what it takes to meet the goals.

Many people who begin a weight loss journey fail because they simply do not have the right attitude when they begin. Avoid failure by changing your attitude about weight loss in the beginning. A positive attitude will give you positive results. How is your attitude about weight loss?

As a supporter…..

Having a support system in weight loss is absolutely essential.  If those who support you do not have a positive outlook on your weight loss journey, it will be difficult for you to achieve your goals. Explain to your supporters and family the affects that attitude can have your whether or not you actually succeed. Once they realize the importance of their participation in your weight loss journey, they are likely to be on board.  Positive supporters will give you the extra support that you will need to get through those difficult times that are sure to arise. You will also have the opportunity to be a supporter for others who are on the journey.  Believe that both you and they can succeed and it will happen.

When your journey to weight loss begins, seeing the results will mean believing in them. Have a positive attitude towards losing weight and watch your goals become reality.

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