Weight Loss: Getting Back to the Basics


Losing weight is a popular subject. Countless people claim to have answer to all of your weight loss troubles.  But, you are too smart to fall for that claim, right? Realize that not everyone has the right answers.  True weight loss success will come when you discover what works for you.  Don’t rely on others to give you answers about losing weight.  Lose it by getting back to the basics.


What exactly are “the basics?”
Bogus claims of miracle weight loss through pills, drinks, and fad diets have blinded dieters of the basics in losing weight. People looking for the easy way out quick revert to what are claims of “the easiest ways to lose weight.”  Refuse to fall in to this trap and lean on what you know is true about weight loss.  The following are a few examples.

• You will have to limit your calorie intake.  Pay no attention to diets that say that you can eat what you want and lose weight. This is simply not true.  It is one of the fundamentals of weight loss. You must limit your calorie intake to see real weight loss results.
• You will have to incorporate in daily exercise.  This is a popular one.  Many diet programs claim that they can help you lose weight without moving a muscle during the day.  Don’t take these claims seriously. To see real results and keep the weight off, you will need to incorporate at least some type of exercise.  The best part is, you will lose weight and feel great doing it.
• You will need to drink water.  Drinking water is important to ANY diet. The more water you drink, the better off you will be.  Water is good for you and has many weight loss advantages.  Replace diet drinks, sodas, etc with water and watch your weight loss numbers increase.

• Fresh, fresh, fresh,.  You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat.” Well, this is especially true in losing weight.  If you eat fatty foods you will have fat. If you eat fresh, healthy foods, you will begin to see that fat fade away.


Don’t be fooled by bogus claims from people whose only goal is to take your hard earned money. Remember the weight loss basics mentioned above. If they aren’t a part of the plan, you may want to reconsider.  Let the weight loss basics be the core of your diet plan.

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