Want to Try a New Sport for 2011 – Part 4: Rowing

All month we are looking at new sports you can try this year. Today we are focusing on rowing; a super activity that is often overlooked.

Rowing is not some elitist activity reserved for the boat clubs of Oxford and Cambridge. You can enjoy this activity at a number of parks throughout the country and even if you only do it for fun a thirty minute rowing session can work wonders for your health and piece of mind.

Of course, the British weather does not always favour a trip out to the local boating lake, so you could consider using a rowing machine. Like any other home fitness equipment, a rowing machine can be used throughout the year and if used regularly it can deliver exceptional results.

A rowing machine is great for anyone looking to lose weight thanks to its huge calorie burning potential. When using a rower you are actually exercising large groups of muscles in both your upper and lower body in a stable and rythmic manner. As you build speed, this cardio workout really can blitz the fat on your thighs, stomach, arms and buttocks.

As a rowing machine offers you an all over body workout you are looking at a shorter exercise routine than an exercise bike. A good session will be between 15-25 minutes and if you are a beginner expect to come of the machine with shaky legs and red cheeks. You cannot really slack off on a rowing machine – the machine demands a lot from you and in turn delivers a great deal.

Rowing machines are affordable and make a great investment for anyone serious about getting in shape and losing some weight. Why not try one today!

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