Want to Try a New Sport for 2011 – Part 3: Vibration Plates

Want to shape up in a hurry? Find you have very little spare time to dedicate to exercise? If the answer to either question is “Yes” then a Vibration Plate workout may be just want you need.

Vibration Plates are enjoying huge global recognition right now and with little wonder… Not only can then help to improve your overall fitness levels but they can also help reduce cellulite, improve circulation and encourage weight loss, all from a relatively short workout session of around 10 minutes, 3-4 times per week.

It is important to understand that Vibration Plates do not provide you with a no effort workout. In order to get the most from your exercise session you do need to exercise whilst using them. But these exercises can be straightforward and easy to complete, such as squats, lunges and press-ups. The vibrations cause your muscles to flex, contract and expand at a rapid rate and when combined with light exercise the benefits are huge. Put simply, you would need to undertake around 50minutes of a standard aerobic workout to gain the same results as a ten-minute vibration plate workout.

Vibration plates were one reserved exclusively for gyms thanks to their prohibitive price tag. However, they are now widely available for home use. Orbus Leisure can offer unbeatable deals on Vibration Plates from leading names BH Fitness and Crazy Fit.

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