Want To Stay Fitter For Longer?

If you think exercise is something that diminished with age then think again. If you want to stay healthy throughout your life then exercise is crucial. But how do we stay in shape when our bodies are perhaps telling us to slow down? Well, there are a number of tricks and tips you need to keep in mind; follow them and you will certainly be on your way towards a healthier life, no matter how old you are.

1. Do not ignore an injury

No matter what you age, an injury should never be ignored. If you ignore an injury in your youth you may well find it returns to haunt you in later life because you never gave the injury the full opportunity to recover. If you do receive an injury seek our professional advice at one, either from your doctor or a qualified sports therapist. Injury rehabilitation is not a standardised formality. The time it takes you to heal will be different that the time it takes someone else to heal. Let your body dictate the pace of recovery, but do keep up with any exercises your physiotherapist may set you.

2. Compete

There is no doubt that a little competition is good for you. Exercising alone can be boring, so try and workout with a partner or a group and set some challenges. They don’t need to be ultra competitive to spur you on so whether it is running a race or setting a new record time the competition will help you to stay motivated. If you use home gym equipment then set yourself some goals and challenges using one of the many pre-programmed routines your machine most likely has included in its computer.

3. Water

Hydration is crucial when exercising (in truth, it is crucial even when not exercising). With age the thirst sensation can decrease. If you find yourself feeling less thirsty don’t be fooled; keep drinking ideally up to 8 glasses of water each day. Before a run you should hydrate yourself with water, take sips throughout the run and drink more when you have finished the routine.

4. Massage

With age you will find it takes longer for your body to recover from exercise. In this instance you should treat yourself to a regular massage. Massage those tired legs by hand or grab yourself a massage tool from a health store. If your budget will allow why not pay for a specialist sports masseuse to give those tired legs, arms and back a monthly going over.

5. Keep Going!

Above all, you need to keep going with an active lifestyle. If some exercises become too much for you swap them for something a little less strenuous. A two mile jog could be changed to a two mile walk. The fresh air and exercise will still deliver a huge health benefit; the exercise will ensure you stay supple and the fresh air will clear your head and lift your spirits.

Staying active is so crucial, right throughout your life. So make a little effort today to do some exercise – keep up with it and you will be reaping the rewards in years to come.

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