Walking on a Treadmill

Walking on a treadmill provides many of the same benefits as running.  You must pay close attention to the speed you are walking on the machine. The faster you walk the better results you will see from walking on the treadmill. It is important that you walk fast enough to get your heart pumping.  You can get a good cardiovascular workout from walking briskly on the machine.  Walking is recommended for people who have knee of back injury.  While running on a treadmill is considered a high impact exercise, walking briskly on the machine is perfect for those who have sustained a previous injury.  If you are worried about the impact the machine will have on your injuries, consult your doctor before you begin walking or running on the treadmill. He may recommend a daily workout plan for you that will have the least impact possible on your injuries such as beginning with only 10 minutes a day on the machine.

Walking and running on a treadmill share many common benefits.  Both serve as physical activity that your body needs to stay healthy and fight off disease.  The mental benefits from walking and running on a treadmill can help keep you happy and healthy.  Many people who buy a treadmill for home use report fewer bouts with depression.  If you are able to, consider taking the challenge of running on your treadmill.  You will get the most benefits out of running.  Do not be afraid to try it.  You will be surprised at how quickly your body will adjust.  You will become leaner, stronger, and physically fit.  Whatever you decide, make an effort to get the most out of your treadmill.

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