Vibration Plate Exercises

Vibration plate training is a form of cardio workout. The platform vibrates as you perform your workout, which cause additional muscle contractions as your body tries to stabilize itself against the moving platform. You can use the machine in the way you would use an aerobic step for strength training, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises.

You can use the platform to improve your health and it also can be an aid for weight loss. You can step up and down off the platform at a fast pace, and you can alternate leading the exercise with your right and left foot. There are many variations that you could do, so why not experiment to see which routines work best for you should aim to exercise for about 20-30 minutes every day.

Working Your Lower Body

Lunges: Step your right foot onto the platform, about 3 feet in front of your left foot. Bend both knees as you lower your body, until your right thing is parallel to the floor. Repeat the process using your left leg.

Calf Rises: Perform these off of the edge of the platform, Stand with the balls of your feet on the platform. Keep your legs straight as you raise and lower your heels to strengthen your lower legs.

Step Up’s: Stand with your right foot on the platform straighten your right leg and you raise it from the floor, bend your knee and put your left foot back to the floor. Complete the same amount of step-ups using your left foot.

Using Your Upper Body

Pushups: Place your hands on the platform with your legs stretched out behind you in a straight line… and push up. Hold yourself in the push up position, your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders and your body should be a straight line, this will strengthen your upper body as well as your core.

Add an increase in a heart rate and change your plank pose to a mountain climber pose by hopping with alternative feet to touch the floor in front of the vibration plate.

Improving Your Flexibility

Vibration training can bring a whole new perspective towards yoga and other flexibility exercises. Put your hands on the platform to form a downwards facing dog pose, Place your feet on the floor about 3-4 feet behind your hands, whilst straightening your legs press your hips towards the ceiling.

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