Using Your Vibration Machine for Exercise

It’s a fact,Vibration plates have been proven to help with sustained weight loss and loss of abdominal fat when they are used correctly. Recent studies have shown that combining dieting with weight loss training could potentially be an alternative to using weights because your muscles are contracting while you exercise.

So here are a few exercises that you can carry out on your vibration plate:

Continue to carry on with normal exercises, but do them on the vibration plate. The vibration plate is designed to improve circulation while you’re exercising. This will more than likely to lead to better calorie and fat burning. So carry on doing your normal exercises such as lunges, push ups and stretches on the machine, You  won’t be successful with your fitness and weight loss goals just standing on the vibration plate.

Continue to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Calorie restrictions with use of vibration exercise provide the best results.

Perform a variety of exercises on the vibration plate. Leg exercises can be performed the same as you would on the floor, Stand with your knees slightly apart, holding onto the handles. Straighten your back and stand on the balls of your feet. You can start to straighten your legs, then flex. This is a type of mini squat. Try to gradually do lower squats which will provide more of an intense workout. Perform squats with your knees wider apart to ensure every muscle is being targeted. Try lunges, with one foot on the floor and one foot on the machine. Stand on the plate and alternate your weight from the balls of your feet onto the heels of your calves, this exercise contracts the calve muscles.

Exercise your buttocks by lying on a block, put your legs on the machine. Raise your pelvis up and down, hold the position. This is known as the bridge pose.

Make sure you’re targeting your upper body too, place your arms on the vibration plate machine and do push-ups. You can place a push up bar on the machine. You should then face away from the vibration plate and then place your hands on the push up bar. You should then push up and down straightening your arms to work your shoulders and triceps. Hold the posture while the machine vibrates and contracts your muscles, if you don’t have a push-up bar you can place your hands on the machine, face away and perform up and down movements with your feet on the floor.


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