Using Your Cross Trainer at Home

Elliptical Cross trainers make the perfect addition to your personal fitness equipment. Many people prefer working out at home because it is at their own convenience and they can feel comfortable in their own privacy. Downsides to using the gym include having to wait to use equipment, and not forgetting the gym membership that goes along with it. If you calculated how much money you spent on an annual gym membership, it would in most cases work out cheaper to invest in a cross trainer.

Cross trainers are basically a mixture of several exercise machines, with the 2 movable handles and foot pedals you can guarantee a full body workout. Cross trainers offer a full cardio workout, with the minimal risk of injury. So instead of buying several fitness machines that will take up a lot of room in your house, it may be a good idea to just invest in a cross trainer.

For an effective workout session, consider choosing a cross trainer with progress display screens, there are also a range of cross trainers available with heart rate monitors so you can fully track your progress. The great thing about cross trainers is that they require minimal floor space in your home; they are easy and compact and are great to manoeuvre.

Tips on How to Exercise Using a Cross Trainer

It’s important to place your heels flat on peddles, some people may extend their heels upwards throughout the workout session, and this can lead to soreness of the calf muscles. To prevent this feet should be placed centrally on the pedals and keep them comfortably flat throughout the workout.

Warming up is essential, concentrate onĀ  your calf and lower leg muscles in general, to avoid any injury or soreness with extensive use of the cross trainer.

Aim for extended arms movements, instead of constrained movements. It is important to use your arms to aid in speed control, as opposed to just relying on your legs. This helps you achieve a much more effective workout.

Set yourself a challenge, keeping the setting at an easy level will not help your fitness efforts, the best way is to start at a comfortable level and slowly raise the level as your workout progresses.

The most important tip is to keep hydrated, so always have a bottle of water nearby.

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