Use Distraction Techniques to give your Workout a Boost

Like many others do you like the idea of a regular exercise routine (and the great benefits it will bring), but loathe the idea of monotonous sessions on your preferred fitness equipment? Boredom is one of the main reasons people lose motivation and ultimately all interest in exercise, so if you want to stay on track you need to find ways of distracting yourself.

A television is a great provider of visual distraction and no, we don’t mean distracting you AWAY from your workout! But you would be amazed how a 30 minute workout flies by when you are watching your favourite TV show at the same time. Giving your brain something to think about, other than the exercise routine you are performing, really is a great trick and it can really help you to develop a regular routine. For example, if you are a soap opera fan why not plan to work out each night of the week that your favourite show is on.

Music is another great distraction and most of us will, at some point in time, have performed an exercise routine to music. Crank up your CD player or purchase a piece of fitness equipment that has an ipod or MP3 dock and get moving. Pick tracks with regular beats and you will find that you can really get into a strong, rhythmic motion that will aid your workout. The Orbus Leisure MP3000 Vibration Plate has a great built in feature which incorporates a built in MP3 player and speakers meaning you can listen to music or even audio books whilst exercising.

The MP3000 Vibration Plate with built in MP3 player and dual speakers

To keep your motivation high use all the tricks that work for you. You may just turn a boring thirty minute routine into something a little more fun!

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