Understanding the Benefits of Vibration Plate Training

Vibration Plates are revolutionising the global fitness industry.  Whole Body Vibration Training (also referred to as WBVT) delivers a workout experience like no other. When standing on the Plate rapid vibrations are passed throughout the body causing significant muscle stimulation. Your muscles react just as they would do during normal exercise but the difference is the speed of the stimulation.  This means a short ten minute workout on a Vibration Plate can actually be more beneficial than a more traditional 60 minute exercise regime.

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Main Benefits of Vibration Plate Training:

Vibrations Plates are delivering proven results in a number of areas, the main being:

–          Increased levels of overall fitness

–          Visible reduction of cellulite

–          Aids weight loss

–          Decreases blood pressure levels

–          Increases circulation

–          Improves balance

–          Improves co-ordination

–          Improves flexibility

–          Improves posture

As Vibration Plates require a low impact workout they are accessible to all users, from professional athletes to those new to exercise.

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