Treadmills Vs Elliptical CrossTrainers

Treadmills and Elliptical cross trainers are the probably the two most popular pieces of home gym equipment and are great for full body workouts and aerobic exercise. Elliptical cross trainers have come to table quite recently, whereas treadmills have been around for a while and are one of the most well known pieces of gym equipment. But before you go out and commit yourself to buying a treadmill take a quick look at Elliptical cross trainers

Cross trainers are an impact free workout, which can make this piece of home gym equipment ideal for people with joint problems. Yet the treadmill offers a workout with more impact which strengthens the bones.

The main benefit of using a treadmill is to provide a better running experience for a dedicated runner, walker or jogger. During colder months it may be advisable to invest this piece of equipment, as the torrential weather conditions are enough to put a stop to any form of outdoor exercise.

If you’re looking for a total body workout then the elliptical cross trainer would be the machine for you. It has dual handle bars to give your arms a workout and foot pedals to exercise the legs. With less impact a cross trainer may feel like you’re putting in less effort than running, but in fact your burning just as many calories.

The main reason why treadmill sales have been so successful over the past few years is that you’re able to increase the ramp incline to simulate running uphill this allows a varied workout. Now the Elliptical cross trainer also gives you variation, as you can adjust the foot pedals, to simulate cross country skiing.

So it really comes down to your personal preference, you should take into consideration if you have any joint problems or perhaps if you feel you need to take a steady step into the world of exercise. The elliptical will be the right piece of equipment for you.

If you feel you need more of a cardiovascular workout, which include, walking, jogging and running. You can vary your workout. Try the treadmill, it’s more of a natural way of exercise, and modern technologies can simulate running on the road. So people of all ages and sizes can find a workout that suits them and enjoy it at their own pace.

It’s impossible to say which machine is the best as it comes down to your own personal preference.

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