Training Your Movements, Not Your Muscles

If you want to enhance your overall levels of sporting performance then you should avoid a muscle-centred approach to exercise and fitness, such as body building or weight lifting. You should bear in mind that sport is generally about movement and the training you do should increase your flexibility and ability to move more efficiently, effectively and powerfully. If you purely build strength in your muscles in an isolated manner you will not maximise your fitness levels.

Although each sport will have its own specific movements you will find similarities in the movements required. Team games such as football or netball require movements including extension through the hips, knees and ankles. Running in a single direction and then changing direction requires single strength power from the legs and core stability is vital for flexing, twisting, turning and balance.

If you train functionally and use fitness equipment to exercise the whole body you will make your body better at executing all sporting movements.


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