Top Treadmill Tips

Here are some workout tips for those who have treadmills collecting dust after a few months of purchasing. You may not be using your treadmill correctly if you’re not getting an optimal workout from it. Perhaps you find yourself getting bored quickly, or you may not have seen the type of results that you were expecting. The problem is not in the treadmill but understanding how to exercise properly and how to stay motivated.

Common problems

The common mistake made is that people step on the treadmill straight away and run for half an hour hoping to lose the pounds, in fact this will make you extremely tired very quickly and will probably be very boring. This isn’t an efficient workout either.

Another mistake is starting out at the pace you want to maintain throughout your workout. Exercising like this will quickly lead to sore muscles and possible injuries not to mention that you’ll make yourself frustrated.

Tips for a safe workout

There are certain elements to an effective treadmill exercise, keep these things in mind:

  • Always warm up. It’s important to stretch your muscles and warm them up. perhaps start by walking at a speed of no more than 2 mph for a minute or two, switch from heel to toes for thirty seconds each, then stretch out your stride for another minute, this will help you stretch your muscles properly. When you increase your level of fitness, you could perhaps increase the speed of your warm up to as fast as 4 mph, which will be a brisk power walk or a light jog.
  • Increase your workout slowly. You should gradually increase your difficulty level. Progress too quickly and you risk over-working your muscles or you could sustain an injury. This is one of the most important tips when it comes down to a treadmill workout. ‘Burn-out’ is very often the outcome of trying to rush results.
  • Always cool down. Jumping straight off the treadmill after running is an invitation for muscle cramps. You should slow down your pace and allow your muscle and heart rate to return to normal while you’re moving.



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