Top Treadmill Tip of The week

The Interval Workout

This is a 40-minute long interval training workout that can allow you to burn up to 500 calories. If you perform it 5 times a week you can ‘waste’ a total of 2500 calories. This means that you would have to adjust your diet and save 150 more daily in order to sum up 3600, the equivalent of 1 pound weight loss. Interval workouts are some of the most popular workouts for fast weight loss. This work out is based on 17 intervals. The speed varies for each interval in order to alternate the exhaustion with resting periods. The incline for this treadmill workout remain at zero during the entire workout. Check the information table below and get all the detail of this treadmill interval workout. You even have information about the calories burned for every interval. Note that the amounts of calories burned are for a 130 lbs (59 kg) woman. The amount of calorie burned is higher if your weight is higher and/or if you are a male.

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