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How do vibration plates work?

Of the different types of vibration plate available, in general, oscillating plates seem to be better received by those who are not regular gym goers, but are looking to simple lose some weight and tone, or reduce cellulite. They are the gentler, but no less effective, alternative to vertical movement machines, such as Power Plate, and would definately be our recommendation for a beginner to vibration.

Whole body vibration plates (WBV) use vibrations create from a base platform which transfers movement from the feet upwards.

The effect of the vibration is that your body will attempt to ‘stabilise’ itself in direct competition with the vibration. In effect, your muscles keep you in balance, although don’t let that worry you, in reality you will not feel as if you are being thrown off the machine, as the movements are slight yet rapid.

Your muscle fibres contract around 30-50 times a second, burning fat and strengthening. As a whole  resulting in weight loss, reductions in cellulite and many other benefits which would include  boosting metabolism rates and improving circulation.

The term oscillating vibration plate trainers describes they type of movement produced by the platform, or base. An oscillating machine will move in see-saw type motion. So, to use a simple analogy, imagine if you were stood on a see-saw, with one foot either side of the centre, then at any time one foot would be moving down, whilst the other would move up. On an oscillating vibration plate this would only be a very small movement of about 10-12mm, described as the amplitude. So as we said, you will not get the feeling that you are being thrown around! In fact, it should only be the pounds that come off!


Our Fantastic Oscillating Vibration Plate Just Got Better!

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Power Vibe CF2000 vibration plate. This replaces the CF1250, which was one of the bests selling plates in its class in the UK.

The new PowerVibe CF2000 now comes with an upgraded 2000w Commercial Class motor and to reflect this, we have also introduced an extensive, full 5 year motor warranty. Not only does this give peace of mind but also a smoother power source and even greater reliability.

Orbus Leisure always strives to stay ahead of the game and will constantly develop technology to keep our place as a market leader in the fitness industry. You can now be assured that the CF2000 provides the best value and highest quality levels available in this market, and no other Oscillating Vibration Plate can come out on top in a like-for-like comparison!


Are Vibration Plates Any Good For Losing Weight?

Vibration plates provide a form of exercise that make your muscles work against a vibrating force that affects your entire body while you sit or stand on the platform. It’s important to remember that standing or sitting on the vibration alone won’t trigger much weight loss, but if you combined vibration plate training with another form of exercise you could certainly lose more weight.

The Basics

Vibration plate machines differ drastically from the old-fashioned vibrating belt machines, you know the ones… those belts that you wrap around your waste which pulsated back and forth which basically did nothing more than slide your skin around. You don’t have to endure that kind of torture anymore becuase these modern vibration machines shake your whole body around roughly 30-50 times per second, this causes your muscles to contract and relax as your work to try and maintain your balance, the theory is that your working so hard to balance forces the muscles to work so hard to trigger significant weight loss. Standing or sitting on a vibration plate only causes you to lose those few extra pounds because the Vibration Plate doesn’t make you work as intensively/actively like the more conventional forms of exercise.

When you perform exercises such as squats, crunches and push-ups (known as calisthenic exercises) while standing on a vibration plate, you can substantially increase the weightloss potential of your activity. Studies have shown that the individuals that restricted their calorie intake and performed only conventional exercises didn’t loose as much weight as the individuals that restricted their calorie intake and performed calisthenics on a vibration machine. These individuals lost more weight around the abdomens. This is a major benefit because visceral fat (a significant form of abdominal fat) can considerably increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and a number of other health issues.


Additional benefits of vibration plate training exercise include increased muscle strength in older adults, adults with degenerative knee arthritis, and increased balancing abilities for the elderly and also improvements in bone material density that can decrease osteoporosis risks in menopausal women. To avoid putting your health at risk and to prevent the risk of injury you should consult your doctor for advice before you begin  using a vibration plate, and remember that you still need to engage in aerobic activity and additional forms of strength training in order to the get the maximum health benefits from exercise.

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Vibration Plates! A New Wave of Fitness

New to the fitness scene is the use of vibration plates to help one meet weight loss and fitness goals.  As the popularity of them grows on a daily basis, the benefits of using vibration plates continue to be revealed. If you are considering using vibration plates to help you achieve your fitness goals but are unaware of the many benefits, the following information will be helpful for you.

Vibration plates improve muscle strength!

If you are looking to improve muscle strength, vibration plates may be the answer for you.  The continuous vibration of the muscles in the body causes them to contract, improving muscle strength.  It is a great tool to use if you are recovering from an injury and trying to regain strength in a particular area of your body.

They help decrease cortisol levels! 

Spend 15 minutes on a vibration plate and your body will think it has gone through an hour of exercise.  Just as when you exercise your cortisol levels decrease it will decrease when you spend time on the vibration plate. You get the benefits of exercising without putting in the hard work effort.

They are great for improving weight loss results! 

Losing weight involves burning calories. Vibration plates are great calorie burning tools.  These machines have proven effective in helping countless celebrities get the weight loss results and bodies that they have always dreamed of.  For ultimate calorie burn, consider investing in a vibration plate.  After all, calorie burn is the key to weight loss success.

Vibration plates help increase energy levels and improve your mood! 

If you are looking to get more energy and be in a better mood, vibration plates may be your answer.  They help release serotonin which directly affects how you feel on a daily basis.

Are vibration plates the answer for you?  Whether you choose to invest in a vibration plate for your home or try one out of your local gym, do not underestimate the health benefits that this new wave of fitness can offer you.  From an improvement in muscle strength to more energy, you will live a happier, healthier lifestyle by taking advantage of the many benefits vibration plates can offer you.  Read the many reviews and find out for yourself the success stories surrounding vibration plates.  Will you be added to the list of success stories?


Get Your Abs in Shape with a Vibration Plate Workout

Vibration plates are becoming famous for delivering a quality, whole body workout and are appearing in homes, gyms and beauty salons throughout the UK. In addition to exercising the whole body you can actually target specific areas of your body and really achieve noticeable results. Take your abs for example… how many sit-ups can you really do in a day and are you ever going to achieve that flat, washboard stomach and a toned, strong core body.

Rather than simply standing on the vibrating platform you can perform a series of more traditional exercises on the machine. Push-ups are a great example… by kneeling in front of the machine you can perform a series of push-ups that will target your arms, chest and abs. In contrast to performing this exercise on a solid floor, you only need to do around 10-20 reps, 3-4 times per week to achieve fantastic results.

Another great abdominal exercise to try when using the vibration plate is the side abs stretch. Sit on the vibrating platform, stretch your arms out in front of you and slowly swing you arms together from left to right whist continuing to face forward. Your core body is doing all the hard work here and your abs are really being tested. To make this routine even more effective you can add weights or hold a medicine ball. The intensity of the vibrations will mean that after just a minute or two you will really start to feel the burn!

Following this exercise you can then incorporate your legs. Place your hands behind you so they are flat on the plate. Your bottom is now directly above the floor and your legs are stretched out in front of you. Bend your arms so your bottom is lowered towards the floor (without ever touching it). Repeat this for no more than one minute and achieve toned arms and back abdominal muscles.

These are just a few examples of exercises you can do on a vibration plate. The possibilities for exercise are endless, but the intensity is magnified simply because of the vibration technology. This means that through a shorter workout you can actually yield better results. Why not make today the day you give a vibration plate a try!