The Top Ten Benefits of Vibration Plate Training

Vibration plates deliver a whole body workout (often called WBT or whole body training). The vibrations sent through your body are safe and incredibly effective at toning the body. Here are the top ten health benefits of these fantastic machines:

1.       Tones the whole body

2.       Improves strength levels

3.       Reduces cellulite

4.       Aids weight loss

5.       Improves flexibility

6.       Can help to improve posture

7.       Reduces blood pressure by increasing blood circulation

8.       Improves bone density

9.       Works targeted muscle groups depending upon routine

10.   Increases overall fitness levels

If you have never tried a vibration plate workout then why not give it a go? And with our cheapest vibration plates starting from as little as £199 with free delivery you can even get in shape from the comfort of your own home.

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