The i-Tone Vibration Plate – Ultimate Flexibility

The Dual Motor i-Tone Vibration Plate is true professional grade vibration trainer, with dual motion capability.

Packed with the latest vibration technology, combining two motor actions, the i-Tone Vibration Plate can product 3 movement types. Oscillating and Vertical vibration actions can be selected independently, or can be performed in tandem. This gives ultimate flexibility.

The Oscillating movement generates a natural training see-saw motion to give the body a full resistance workout. The body’s own balance stabilisation creates a fantastic core workout, which helps burn fat, tone muscles and reduce cellulite.

The Vertical movement provides a more intense level of motion, allowing for strength and muscle development.

The i-Tone’s combination routines give the ultimate training flexibility and maximum results.

With the product also come a great wall chart demonstrating routines and postures, but the final piece of technology allows you to independently design workout programs to exactly match your needs.

The USB training plug-in really is the ultimate accessory. The USB stick plugs directly into your PC or Laptop and with the need for any level of computer literacy, the time and motion settings can be designed to create a totally personalworkout session.

 These can be amended and developed as your desire for more complex routines grows. This really is a brilliant advance in vibration technology.

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