The Benefits of Weightloss – You can do it!


Firstly to lose weight essentially you need to take in fewer calories. You can do this by creating a healthy eating plan and a plan for regular physical activity. Here are some benefits of losing weight;

  • You can learn to enjoy food.We all know people in general have a fear of anything green, but we need to learn to love fruit and vegetables. Nutrition is the key, eating whole grain food and cutting down on sugar will lead to a great outcome. Perhaps food has become a way of expressing your emotions, for example you may over eat when you’re feeling sad. Eating healthily can gradually decrease the emotional attachment you may have formed with food will disappear.
  • Increase your confidence.Your confidence in your personal appearance can increase as you begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin. No longer do you have to be the person feeling self conscious in a group. No longer do you have to put yourself down due to your eating habits.
  • Increase your confidence with exercise.Exercise can be a daunting work. It doesn’t have to be compulsory, find a form of exercise that is enjoyable to you; this will help you to look at exercise in a positive way and not as a challenge. Walking and running come natural to us, so start of slowly, it is important to ease yourself into exercise to avoid any injury to yourself.
  • Knowing you ‘can’ do it. Overcoming that frame of mind where you fear exercise can be a difficult process. Dedicating yourself to exercise will set you in the frame of mind that “you CAN do it!” this could lead to more positive changes in your lifestyle.
  • Improving your general standard of health. Health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases/strokes, high cholesterol levels, some types of cancer, osteoarthritis(wearing a way of bones and joints), and interrupted sleep are only a few risks that could be greatly decreased by exercise and healthy eating.

 It is not always going to be easy to change your eating and physical activity habits. You may have setbacks along the way. Looking at these benefits should be a great incentive so keep trying, remember- You can do it!

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