Staying Motivated during Your Treadmill Workout

Treadmills offer the perfect workout for those who are willing to take on the challenge. However, getting on the machine day in and day out can send you straight into boredom.  After weeks and weeks of working out on the machine, you may find yourself searching for ways to stay motivated on the treadmill.  The following are tips on how you can stay motivated while running or walking on your machine.

Find the perfect location for your treadmill. If your treadmill is located in the back bedroom, away from your family, you may find it difficult to want to be on the treadmill. Consider moving it into the living room or closer to your family.  Your family can serve as your motivation and you won’t feel as if you are secluding yourself from others.  You can also consider putting it into a toy room so that you can run and watch your children play at the same time. Consider relocating your treadmill outside so that you can get some fresh air while working out. Finding the perfect location for your treadmill will help you stay motivated.

Turn up the radio. Music can make all the difference when you are using your treadmill. It can serve to get your heart rate going.  There is music available that works specifically for motivating during a workout.  Try focusing on the music rather than focusing on the monotony of running or walking on the treadmill. You will see a major difference in your motivational level if you have music playing in the background during a workout.

Invest in treadmill workout video series. Search the internet to find great treadmill workouts that come with a trainer for motivation.  It is easier if you have a trainer to follow.   These videos may also benefit you by teaching you how to properly use the treadmill.  You will become familiar with running drills and other treadmill exercises that can give you the best workout possible.

Find a friend to workout with. If you have a home gym, invite a friend over for a good workout.  Set up a rotation for you and your workout buddy.  Include running on the treadmill for 15 to 20 minutes as part of the rotation. It is always easier to work out if you have a partner.

If running or walking on a treadmill is a part of your daily workout routine, you may find it difficult to stay motivated.  Use the above advice to increase your motivation and get the best result from your treadmill.  Find the perfect location for your treadmill. Feeling secluded is likely to put a damper on your workout routine.  Turn up the volume on your radio and find a friend who is willing to work out with you on a daily basis.  Whatever you do, do not give up.  Stay motivated when using your treadmill. Overtime you will see the results that you have always been looking for.

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