Sport Relief 2012

So Sport Relief is on the horizon, so what other great opportunity do you need to do a spot of fund raising as well as keeping fit?

Sainsbury’s sport relief events take place across the country on Sunday 25th March, there is an option to do 1, 3 or 6 miles, so you can get involved as a family, as a team or alone. It’s a great way of exercising. There are over 600 events being organised, where people can get involved in their own communities all over the country.

The one mile distance is a family favourite and is great for mums, dads, and kids as you can run, jog, or walk. You can complete the mile however you like whether it be a light hearted family competition or in your own time if you have smaller children. Sport Relief is also a great way of sending a message to children all over the UK, as it’s vital that they look after their health and keep fit in order to live a long and happy life.

Three miles is more of a challenge and could be ideal for the fun runner, or for the beginners who want to set themselves targets to try and race against the clock, or even to beat fellow competitors. You don’t have to do months of hard training to enjoy a 3 mile run.

The 6 mile run is for the people who like to push themselves to the limit and would be enjoyable to people who like to set themselves challenges. This distance may be more appropriate for the advanced runner, but if you want to be ambitious you should consider pre-training in order to get your body used to running such long distances. Perhaps it may be an idea to invest in piece of home gym equipment such as a treadmill or cross trainer so you can train your body to run at its full potential. Treadmills are great to have around the house, as you can train regardless of the weather conditions, and all the family can benefit from this piece of equipment.

So however you decided to take part, Sport relief is a great excuse to get fit and healthy. So get your running shoes on for this excellent a fun charity race!


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