So How do you Stay Healthy?

The biggest factor that will determine how long we live is not the genes you inherit, but the way we conduct ourselves during our lifetime.

A British Medical journal study suggested we could cut our chances of having a stroke by 50% by doing 3 simple things. Regular exercise, or activity, eating 5-a-day servings of fruit and vedge, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol.

These are now all well know factors for the public at large, but let’s look at a list of check points that can make a real difference to health and give a guide to life expectancy.

1. Don’t rush to retire – evidence shows the drop off activity can be very detrimental to health. So once your working days are over stay as active as possible.

2. Floss your teeth regularly – yes, flossing can actually keep arteries healthy by reducing the bacteria that enters the blood stream

3. Don’t stay still – it’s all about movement and activity. Exercise, waking instead of driving, taking stairs instead of lifts, gardening (etc) are all ways to beat inactivity.

4. Have a healthy breakfast every day – fibre rich breakfast cereal can halt age accelerators.

5. Sleep well – 6 hours daily should be the minimum. This will help your body and cells stay regulated.

6. Enjoy whole foods, not supplements

7. Try not to be neurotic – easier said than done, but try yoga or meditation. Those that live longest tend to be more relaxed in general.

8. Be good to your body – a general life message worth heeding!

9. Routine is good – a study of centurions found that they are often creatures of habit, with regular sleep patterns and diets.

10. Interact – socially active people are less likely to be depressed and more likely to stay mentally alert.

11. Believe it or not, one of the best predictors of longevity is conscientiousness— you are more likely to stick to routines and regimes that are good for you.

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