Simple steps to improve your running technique


Good running technique comes more natural to some of us than others.

The good news for those with poor natural technique is that will a little work, your running style can be improved allowing for more efficient and effective fitness training.

Here are a few simple tips on how to improve your running technique, which are designed for the long distance targets, like 10k or marathon junkies, but can also help give the exercise novice a more effective and safe running experience, be it on the road or on your treadmill running machine.

Change one part at a time – Concentrate on one aspect of your style at a time, and try and alter that first, before moving onto the next.

Land on your midfoot – landing on your toes, your calves will fatigue quickly, on your heels and you are probably over striding and you will be wasting momentum and risking injury.

Keep your hands at waste level – let your hands slightly brush your hips

And arms at 90 degrees – To help with the push off and building momentum

Relax your hands – cup your hands and relax. Tension can result in tightness in the shoulders, neck and arms

Keep the posture straight – straight and erect posture will balance the load correctly

Don’t bounce – Keep you stride low to the ground to maximise forward energy and minimise wasted effort.

You can get more details on this and other great running tips at the runners guide.

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