Should we all be buying Protein Shakes to stay fit?

SALES of protein shakes are booming, with celebrity bodies rather than muscle bound beefcakes leading the trend. Is this a fad, or a true necessity for a full and successful fitness regime?

In fact, experts will advise that a regular, light strength workout, combined with a well thought out diet is the most effective way to retain muscle definition and sustain long term weight control.

Already in the UK, in our daily diets, (source: The National Food Survey) women are generally eating around 65g of protein a day, which is 20g more than the recommended level. Similarly, men intake around 88g, which is over 30g more than the 55g required daily.

So, doesn’t this in fact show that protein shake supplements are not usually needed at all? Well, we do need protein for growth and to make and repair cells within our bodies, as we are not able to store reserves of protein. So we need to consume it daily, usually and traditionally as part of our regular diet, rather than via a shake.

Researchers in Denmark have revealed that milk is even more effective for controlling appetite than protein whey shakes. However at extreme training levels, undertaken by Olympic athletes for example, these supplements can make up shortfalls in what is effectively a much heightened need to protein. However for the casual gym goer, or those of us who just wish to stay trim, then sensible diet would be the easiest way forward, in combination with a regular fitness workout that you could design for your home gym, including the usual equipment such as a cross trainer, treadmill or exercise bike.

So, should we all be buying Protein Shakes to stay fit? The simple answer is no, but of course you can decide for yourself where you fit in the fitness world and if they may indeed be applicable to you!

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