Shape-Up now in time for Summer

Let us guess… losing weight made it onto your list of New Year Resolutions. But has your resolve already faded? If you want to shape up in time for summer (and let’s face it, you can’t hide behind those thick winter sweaters forever) then you need to take a long hard look at your diet and your exercise routine.

If you know you need to exercise but seem to never be able to find the time then we may just have the solution for you… Vibration Plates. Vibration plates have taken the world of health, fitness and exercise by storm in recent years but their price tag meant that unless you were a gym member you were unlikely to have ever stepped foot on one.

Advances in technology have led to the development of a range of vibration plates aimed at the home fitness market, so you can now buy a quality product for your sole use at home without breaking the bank. You can even opt for a compact vibration plate if you find you are short on space or your finances are tight.

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So, how can a Vibration Plate help you?

Simple… When you exercise on the vibrating platform the effects of the workout are accelerated. Consider your muscles… when you are exercising on a solid floor your muscles flex in line with the movement of the exercise. Yet when you do the same exercise on a vibrating platform your muscles are FORCED to contract and expand at a rapid pace; in fact they do this on a vibration plate even when you are standing still.

One of the huge benefits of a vibration plate is that you can literally cut your workout time in more than half. A 50 minute aerobic workout on the hard floor can be reduced to around 15 minutes on a vibration plate thanks to the rate at which your muscles will be flexing.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a vibration plate offers you an easy escape route from real exercise, it does not. After a serious 10-15 minute session on the plate you will be feeling the burn. Persevere and by summer your body will be more toned and defined for sure. And if you incorporate a healthy eating plan into your routine then your body will be slimmer and sleeker in time for those summer shorts and vest tops. What are you waiting for?

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