Running Your Way to Your Weight Loss Goals


Exercise is, without a doubt, an important factor in reaching your weight loss goals.  Determining which exercise will give you the greatest benefits in losing weight isn’t always easy.  Have you ever considered running as part of your weight loss regime?  The following tips will help you add in running as an avenue for reaching weight loss success.  Will you let running help you meet your magic number?


• Start slow.  Don’t think that if you are overweight and out of shape that you will be able to take off and run a long distance.  Running takes discipline and training.  Choose a track or running course near you and start off slow. Begin by running a lap and walking a lap. Each week, increase your goal. Eventually you will be able to run a mile without stopping.
• Get a running partner. Running can get very monotonous.  To help beat the boredom that is often associated with running, get a partner. Find someone who is as dedicated as you are to losing weight an invite them to run.  Meet up with your partner at least 3 times a week and begin training.  Losing weight is easier with a partner! Don’t do it alone.
• Sign up for a race.  If you are a goal oriented person, set your goal at running a 5k in your local area.  Switch your focus from “losing weight” to “running the 5k.”  You will quickly find yourself doing what it takes to get in shape for the 5k.  This will involve watching what you eat and exercising daily. Daily exercise will be supplemented with long distance running. The end result will be you being able to run the race and losing weight all at the same time.  Sign up for a local 5k race and see how it changes your life.


If you are looking for a change in your weight loss program or want to find a good way to shed the unwanted pounds consider running your way to your weight loss goals.  Running burns numerous calories and can help tone and shape your body.  It can also lead to feelings of accomplishment which can also be very beneficial in meeting your weight loss goals.  When will you begin a running program to help you meet your weight loss goals? Let the advantages of running have a positive impact on weight loss.

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