Power Energy Balance Bands from Orbus Leisure

Are you trying to live a little healthier right now, yet still feel sluggish and unsure of what to do to get that spring back in your step? If you feel like you need a little “pick me up” but don’t want to pollute your body with sugary drinks or herbal medication then you really ought to consider buying a Balance Band.

Balance Bands are fairly simple little bracelets, but hidden beneath their surface they contain a powerful secret – Negative Ions. Negative ions surround us; they are part of our physical makeup and can be found throughout nature. Consider negative ions as Mother Nature’s way of giving us a little boost.

Through scientific research, the developers of Balance Bands have concluded that negative ions are beneficial to the human body and they help us to maintain our health and overall wellbeing.  The band is designed to emit negative ions continuously and all the user needs to do is wear than band around their wrist.

The health benefits to be gained from wearing a balance band are incredible, with negative ions said to be capable of:

  • Revitalising metabolism
  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Stabilising blood pressure and improve circulation
  • Increase alkalinity in the blood
  • Reducing pulse rate

If you want to give your health a boost for 2012 then give the Power Energy Balance Bands a try. Orbus Leisure are exclusive stockists in the UK, so make sure you accept no imitations!

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