Perfect Your Golf Swing with help from a Vibration Plate

Do you enjoy a round of golf but not that stiff, achy feeling in your muscles the next day? To hit a golf ball with any degree of speed or accuracy you need to have a strong core and this includes abs, back, buttocks, hamstring and arm muscles. And this is where vibration plate training can help…

Vibration plates simulate muscle groups on an involuntary basis (meaning the muscles flex rapidly without resistance). Put in simple terms, a 45hz vibration will cause a muscle to contract and expand a massive 45 times per second. An exercise routine performed on a vibration plate rather than a solid floor will therefore be 45 times more effective.

Use a Vibration Plate for an effective cardio workout

Vibration plates can be used to help golfers build strength in their core muscle groups and will help posture. Targeted workouts are not only effective, but they also deliver results quickly and with an increase in core muscle strength you will be able to hit the ball with more power, more accurately and with less stiffness the morning after.

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