Our Fantastic Oscillating Vibration Plate Just Got Better!

More good news for our every developing product range!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Power Vibe CF2000 vibration plate. This replaces the CF1250, which was one of the bests selling plates in its class in the UK.

The new PowerVibe CF2000 now comes with an upgraded 2000w Commercial Class motor and to reflect this, we have also introduced an extensive, full 5 year motor warranty. Not only does this give peace of mind but also a smoother power source and even greater reliability.

Orbus Leisure always strives to stay ahead of the game and will constantly develop technology to keep our place as a market leader in the fitness industry. You can now be assured that the CF2000 provides the best value and highest quality levels available in this market, and no other Oscillating Vibration Plate can come out on topĀ in a like-for-like comparison!

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