Orbus XT4000 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Orbus XT4000 Elliptical Cross Trainer enjoys a lofty position in the home fitness category.

Cost effective enough to be considered affordable, while large and sturdy enough to be classed as a higher end unit. Comparable units will often fall short on specification, design or build quality, which is why the XT4000 is considered one of the Best Buy Elliptical in the market today.

Like other models in the Orbus range, it incorporates an impressive back lit touch screen computer which displays clear, easy to read data and allows the user to enjoy a range or automatic programs or select a bespoke workout via a manual program mode.

It has a smooth 10kg flywheel, 16 levels of resistance and a capable 15 inch stride. It comes with the usual comprehensive 12 month warranty and has received rave reviews from novice users and more experience gym users. This product is more than cable of sitting in pride of place in your home gym, or is effective enough to be your dedicated piece of fitness equipment. A well rounded, high quality unit by any measure.

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