Orbus Leisure Pro Wave Vibration Plate – Now In Stock

The Orbus Leisure Pro Wave Vibration Plate is now in stock and available for immediate purchase and this new model is certainly making waves in the fitness industry, thanks to its impressive specifications, its effective workout capabilities and its affordable price tag.

Vibration plates are becoming common place in health clubs and gyms in the UK but commercial quality models designed for home use have been prohibitively expensive… until now. Just take a look at the specifications of the Pro wave Vibration Plate and see how much “bang you will get for your Buck”!

Four Intensity Levels

The Pro Wave is supplies with four intensity levels, which means you can get so much more out of your workout. When you use a vibration plate at high speeds you are effectively toning muscles and sculpting your physique. Lower speeds are ideal for massage and can aid weight loss. The intensity settings on the Pro Wave are 35, 40, 45 and 50hz.

Time Settings

A workout on the vibration plate is much shorter than on any other piece of fitness equipment. You can time your routines to 30, 60 and 90 seconds on the Pro Wave.

Exercise Straps

To ensure your whole body gets a good workout the Pro Wave is supplied with exercise straps. You can use these to exercise both your arms and your legs.

Wall Chart

If you have never used a vibration plate before you may wonder how on earth you would go about exercising on it. Our handy wall chart will help. Not only does it illustrate a number of routines but you can also chart your progress.

Just have a look at the comparison table below to see exactly how the Orbus Pro Wave Vibration Plate compares with other models of the same class. Why pay more? Order the Pro Wave from Orbus Leisure today!



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