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Fit and Tanned? Wow!

We have been listening to our customers. They are telling us that the love getting fitter, leaner, faster and slimmer, but still worry about confidence showing off the new improved selves!


Well, with this mind, Orbus Leisure have joined forces with the UK’s leading tanning solution brand,  Creative Tan, to produce a Spray Tan Kit which will get you beach ready within 10 miutes. Yes, within 10 minutes you can get that beach ready look, whether you are planning for a distant trip or an important night out, your fitness regime has paid dividends and now the icing on the cake is that fantastic natural looking tan. Please check out the tanning section of the site for full details.


So why don’t you try one of these great new sunless tanning kits and combine it with a Creative Tan solution to match you needs. Your home fitness workout routine doesn’t need to end with you just feeling great; you can be looking great as well!


Uplift in Interest Free Fitness Equipment Sales

With the economy still slow, and the emphasis moving towards easy payment options, there has been a sharp rise in 0% interest free sales within the fitness industry.

Orbus Leisure have shown a lead and as a result have seen significant growth in this areas, as it has developed ‘smart’ offers which allow its buyers to source higher quality, traditionally higher spend items, in a cost effect, spread-payment way.

This has been particularly well received by Treadmill and higher end Cross Trainer buyers, who can equate the low monthly payments to a standard gym membership scheme. The difference being that after 12 months they own a significant piece of equipment outright!

It also makes it so much easier to justify a trade up to a more expensive model, without the need for and associated worry of a singular high value payment being required.

These offers are not confined to these two pieces of fitness equipment exclusively, with other great deals showing in the Vibration plate, Rowing machine and Exercise Bike categories also.


Buy Fitness Equipment on 0% Interest Free Credit

This week Orbus Leisure has announced a superb new development to revolutionise shopping on their web site. In conjunction with Pay4Later, one of the UKs leading finance brokers, we are introducing some great monthly payment offers on a range of new stock, with options starting at 0% APR with a full 12 months interest free credit. Further deals up to 2 year fixed rate terms are also available on most items.

There has never been a better time to invest in that home gym, with low regular repayments that equate to less than a few months gym membership!

Take a look at some of the unbeatable offers available now.


Health, Leisure, Fitness and Wellbeing Exhibition Calendar 2012/2013


The next few months see a great wealth of exhibitions showcasing the health and fitness industry. Here are some of the highlights, with links to the relevant sites.


18-20th September 2012, NEC Birmingham

Leisure Industry Week (LIW) has become the largest UK leisure exhibition dedicated to the whole leisure industry sector.

Highlighting the latest fitness equipment to indoor play, membership retention through to healthy eating, LIW covers all areas.


23rd – 24th September 2012, Olympia, London

Representing over 400 brands from all areas of the beauty industry, exhibiting the latest products and collections for 2012/2013.


28th – 30th September 2012, Olympia, London

With TaiChi, Belly Dancing, Pilates, Zumba, Yoga and Salsa all represented in an eclectic collection of complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development. The event aims are to visitors develop a healthy mind, body and soul.


20th – 21st October 2012, NEC, Birmingham

A fantastic weekend of wellbeing, health, fitness. Get advice to help you feel better, look better and live better.


26th – 28th October 2012, Olympia, London

This exhibition offers a total yoga experience, with demonstrations, products and lectures. You can find everything you will need for yoga & pilates practice together with inspirational products for a healthy lifestyle.

THE 50+ SHOW 2013

1st – 2nd March 2013, Manchester Central

This age group is discovering new lifestyles and is seeking new ways to stay healthy, lively and well informed. Exhibitors with an interest in ‘mature’ markets come together under one roof.


21st – 24th March 2013, Earls Court, London

Vitality Show is the UK’s largest health, beauty, fitness and well-being event for women, with free fitness and yoga classes, free food and health advice, demonstrations and classes. Learn how to get fit and stay in shape.


Fitness and Health Gadgets

As we continue to strive to keep healthy, maintain regular fitness training, follow exercise plans and endure weight loss controlled diets, we all need as little motivation along the way.

Once way to maintain momentum is to add variation to your workouts. For example, using just one piece of fitness equipment can sometimes become repetitive, whereas circuit training and cross training can add the variety.

However, if you are the type of person who loves gadgets, then why not add a little high tech buzz to your planning, execution or analysis of your fitness levels? This can also be a great way to motivate.

If you are that gadget lover, then take a look at some of the most hyped fitness gadgets at CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show).


Knee Pain and Running?

We all know that running produces a high level of direct impact force on the body and joints. Well scientist have developed a space age method of reducing these forces, which allows professional athletes to train longer, harder and more frequently with minimal stress and recover from injury.

For us mere mortals, if we get knee pain when running, for example; then we need to look at other solutions. Maybe we need to consider better quality, better suited footwear. Take some good advice, and don’t be swayed by some heavy discount labels. They may not save you in the long run.

We can also move our training patterns, from a regular road run, to a cushioned deck treadmill workout. Or we can even move away to a different exercise that provides very low impact levels, such as Elliptical Cross Trainers, indoor exercise bikes, road bikes or rowing machines.

In reality, we should probably do a combination of both. Maybe combine different activities, but always be sure that footwear is adequate.

But for U.S. Olympic runner Jenny Simpson, the options were much more futuristic! Take a look at she used a zero gravity treadmill to help recuperate and train hard for the race of her life.


Paralympics Timetable


Is this one of the best summers of sport Great Britton has ever had? First the Euros, then the Olympics, then the start of the Football season, and now the Paralympics!

If you do need any inspiration to start your fitness training regime, to climb back onto your fitness equipment, be it a treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike, or indoor rowing machine; or if you prefer, simply just to don some trainers and get out into the park, then this summer should have given you the push you may have needed.

Of course we wish the best of luck to all out Paralympic heroes. If you want to catch up on the events, you can find a great schedule which will timetable the coming events on the London 2012 Paralympics web site.


How much should we exercise to improve our health?

Both UK and US government health departments recommend that adults should engage in at least 150 mins of exercise each week. Commonly suggested to take the form of 5 x 30 min sessions.

This would probably be considered a minimum level to the regular gym goes who may combine 30 mins on a treadmill, cross trainer, bike or rowing machine with an additional weight training session or swim to give over an hours exercise daily.

This is great, as both governments also say that more exercise is even better, but they are also clear that if you cannot do the 150 mins, then a little less is certainly better than nothing!

A relevant study recently published in Lancet has started to attract some attention. You can see the report detailed on the web site ‘ Science-Based Running ‘. It is an engaging read for any health enthusiast, or anyone thinking about improving their fitness.

The study was of huge proportions. In fact, a Taiwanese team led by Chi Pang Wen tracked over 400,000 Taiwanese adults for 8 years.

The results found that even moderate levels of exercise, under half the recommended limit, produced significant health benefits over someone who was relatively inactive

You will see in the report that for every increment of exercise, there was a significant decrease in mortality. An in respect of timings, 30 minutes a day is better than 15, 60 is better than 30, and 90 is better than 60. Also, the gains occur even faster with vigorous exercise, such as running or jogging.

So, in summary, any exercise is better than none, and up to 90 mins a day will incrementally give a greater benefit. So there is hope for those who can only manage a few mins a day of exercise, but the fanatics are certainly not doing themselves any harm either!

Read the full report on the Science-Based Running web site.


Best Value Self Generating Front Drive Elliptical Cross Trainer

This week Orbus Leisure has launched a fantastic limited time offer on their i2 Endurance Elliptical Cross Trainer. We believe this makes the Orbus Leisure i2 the Best Value Self generating Front Drive elliptical Cross Trainer on the web!

If you are looking for a high end unit, which will give the real feel of a gym Elliptical, then it’s an offer worth considering.

Let’s take a look at the key features…

18” Stride & Superior Commercial Designed Technology

Latest GSG Self Generating technology to guarantee a smooth, quite, reliable workout.

Smooth, Whisper Quiet Motion.

Heavy Duty Bearings – Provide Smooth Movement, even for intensive training sessions.

Flywheel Rotating Mass of 32KG.

16 Programs & 16 Resistance Levels.

It really is a unit for the hardened enthusiast, but is easy to use and would also be a dream for the novice user. It compliments a great range of Elliptical Cross Trainers and is looking like it will be a real star of the future!



Age Is Nothing But A Number!


If you could imagine the perfect advert to motivate you to your fitness goals, then Ernestine Shepherd would be it.

Ms Shepherd, or ‘Miss Ernie’as she is known, is a 75 year old Body builder who runs 10 miles every day, will tell you that exercise if the secret to everlasting youth. Well, it’s difficult to argue with that.

‘Miss Ernie’, has become the world’s oldest female bodybuilder, and insists that age is ‘nothing but a number’. It’s clear that this is not just talk, as she religiously gets up at 2:30am every morning for her training run and her enthusiastic gym workouts. She regularly works the Treadmills and Cross Trainers as part of her punishing routine.

The super fit pensioner from Maryland, USA, set the record in 2010 to 2012, while competing in bodybuilding championships, despite the fact that she didn’t come from a family of fitness enthusiasts, and even more remarkably, she didn’t start training herself until she reached her mid-50s.

“When I was younger, I was never, ever considered athletic. I was too prissy,” Miss Ernie told the BBC.

“But at age 56, my sister and I were invited to a picnic and we had to wear bathing suits and we didn’t like the way we looked, so we decided to exercise.

“My sister died of a brain aneurysm in 1992, I was so sad. She came to me in a dream and she said I wasn’t doing what I said we would do. So I did it.”

Now teaching a fitness class at her local church, Ernestine Shepherd is able to help women decades her junior, reach their own fitness goals and live a healthier, happier life.

Her belief and passion shines through, and to all that meet her it is clear.

“I always practice what I preach. I don’t teach bodybuilding. I teach health, happiness and prosperity – that’s the formula!”

It’s difficult not to agree with that!


Orbus Leisure Now on Facebook

Love fitness equipment, exercising and socialising? We do, so why don’t you join us on our new Facebook Page. Our team are always getting enquiries and feedback from customers throughout the UK and Europe so Facebook makes great sense for us. We are now steadily building a community of fitness enthusiasts and those looking to shed a little weight in time for summer or that special occasion and we would love to see you give us the big “thumbs up” like!

As a reward for all our followers we will be sharing some amazing Facebook only deals and special offers making our fitness equipment even more affordable.

So join us today – simply click the Facebook image above and hit “Like”. See you there!



Sport Relief 23rd-25th March 2012

It’s finally here, all preparations are complete, it’s taken a lot of planning but this weekend will see the biggest Sport Relief ever!

Over the past few months celebrities such as David Walliams and John Bishop have completed some of the most amazing Sport Relief challenges yet. Frank Skinner has even set his own personal challenge to overcome a lifetime fear of swimming.

Freddie Flintoff has amazed the world by setting an astonishing 14 records in the space of 12 hours, which included some very strange tasks including the most hotdogs made in 1 minute – 9 and the fastest 100metres on a Pedalo (1minute 58.62 seconds)

Members of the England Football team have been battling it out in the Kitchen, Strictly Come Dancing took to the water, and the stars of the fantastic sitcom Benidorm encounter Simon Cowell and the Britain’s Got Talent judges. Frank Lampard and his fiancé Christine Bleakly make a cameo appearance in the comedy ‘Outnumbered’ Even the biggest names in Rugby are getting stuck in, teaming up to sing with JLS.

And you can see it all in a superb night of sporting entertainment starting at 7.00pm on BBC1 Friday 23rd March.

It’s not just about the celebrities of course, over the weekend more than a million people will be taking part in a mile long run for Sport Relief all over the UK to raise money for people who need it the most, both here in the UK and in some of the world’s poorest countries so any donations really do make a difference!

So enjoy the show tonight and if you’re taking part in the Mile at any point this weekend then good luck!


March Madness Sale: Best Buy Guarantee on All Fitness Equipment!

At Orbus Leisure we thought we’d treat our customers with major discounts this month, and as we continually aim to provide the best offers and promotions on the internet, we maintain our price promise and will not be beaten on price for any equivalent product in any of our categories.

Elliptical Cross Trainers: We have carefully selected a range of elliptical’s to ensure that there’s a machine for every user for every occasion. This is our best ever cross trainer sale with 60% off of our fantastic range of ellipticals but hurry! This is only for a limited period of time only!

Treadmills: Again we have some great deals on our treadmills, and we supply some for the best units on the internet, with a range to incorporate any requirement from simple home use, to fully commercial treadmills. Our offers often change because here at Orbus Leisure we will not be beaten on price.

Vibration Plates: We supply some of the best home use and commercial models available on the market. Our BH Fitness Pro Vibe Plate is the leading oscillating unit in the UK. Our prices are almost 70% lower than the nearest high quality competitor, and our CF1250 Oscillating Plate is the fastest selling unit on the web.

Exercise Bikes: For regular gym goers who love their spin classes, the casual home user, we have a grade of bike that will suit your needs, with some offers that simply won’t be beaten.



Voucher Code Crazy!

This February Orbus Leisure has gone Voucher Crazy! Check out the site to see a range of fantastic ‘Extra’ discount voucher codes and saving up to an amazing £200 OFF Sale Prices!

All the ‘Extra Saving’ voucher codes can be used exclusively on the Orbus Leisure Web site during February.

They include up to and EXTRA 25% off all Vibration Plate Sale Prices, and an EXTRA 5% off Sale prices on all Orbus Elliptical Cross Trainers and again, and EXTRA 5% off all Sale Prices on Orbus Branded Treadmills.

There has never been a better time to get fit for less!


Sport Relief 2012

So Sport Relief is on the horizon, so what other great opportunity do you need to do a spot of fund raising as well as keeping fit?

Sainsbury’s sport relief events take place across the country on Sunday 25th March, there is an option to do 1, 3 or 6 miles, so you can get involved as a family, as a team or alone. It’s a great way of exercising. There are over 600 events being organised, where people can get involved in their own communities all over the country.

The one mile distance is a family favourite and is great for mums, dads, and kids as you can run, jog, or walk. You can complete the mile however you like whether it be a light hearted family competition or in your own time if you have smaller children. Sport Relief is also a great way of sending a message to children all over the UK, as it’s vital that they look after their health and keep fit in order to live a long and happy life.

Three miles is more of a challenge and could be ideal for the fun runner, or for the beginners who want to set themselves targets to try and race against the clock, or even to beat fellow competitors. You don’t have to do months of hard training to enjoy a 3 mile run.

The 6 mile run is for the people who like to push themselves to the limit and would be enjoyable to people who like to set themselves challenges. This distance may be more appropriate for the advanced runner, but if you want to be ambitious you should consider pre-training in order to get your body used to running such long distances. Perhaps it may be an idea to invest in piece of home gym equipment such as a treadmill or cross trainer so you can train your body to run at its full potential. Treadmills are great to have around the house, as you can train regardless of the weather conditions, and all the family can benefit from this piece of equipment.

So however you decided to take part, Sport relief is a great excuse to get fit and healthy. So get your running shoes on for this excellent a fun charity race!



Orbus Leisure – Did You Spot Us On TV?

We made our TV debut this week, did you spot us? Our Fitness Equipment featured in The Jeremy Kyle Show’s 5 Days of Christmas Event, where we donated a Treadmill to one very hardworking and determined young man.

The story started 12 months ago, when 27 year old Patrick was featured with his wife and children. Patrick was facing a bleak future unless he shed a substantial amount of weight. Fast forward 12 months and with an enormous amount of hard work and determination Patrick has lost an amazing 10 stones. The Jeremy Kyle show wanted to recognise this achievement by delivering Christmas presents to Christmas and we were more than happy to help, sending an Orbus Treadmill over to ITV HQ.

We wish Patrick all the best on his weight loss journey and we are sure the Treadmill will be put to good use. There is still a way to go but after his achievements this year we are sure that Patrick will reach a healthy BMI in no time.

He has been a true inspiration! Well done Patrick!

cheap treadmills


Negative Ions Give You Positive Vibes!

Do you know that Negative Ions do lots of fantastic things for us? Well, they do!

Negative ions surround us. In fact, nature tries to give us as much negative ions as possible. In fact, plants for instance give off negative ions all the time. Its Mother Nature’s way of helping us feel bright, alive and energetic.

It’s not just in the air, as science has now proved that negative ions are beneficial to human body, and can improve health & wellbeing. Negative ions produce biochemical reactions to boost our energy and counteract the effects of harmful Positive ions in our environment.

They really can support our Wellbeing, giving us More Power, More Balance and More Energy, for a stronger, happier you!

You will have seen famous celebrities, sport stars and athletes raving about the effects of balance bands. In fact, the world watch as a besotted Fatima Whitbread was overwhelmed when Peter Andre gave her a balance band on this years ‘I’m A Celebrity’.

Now, Orbus Leisure has become the sole licenced UK distributor of the original Power Energy Balance Band range. The bands are made from high quality, flexible silicon rubber and use the power of natural minerals, such as Tourmaline and Germanium; which release Negative ions, alpha waves & far infrared rays slowly, consistently and naturally.

These minerals are infused into every Power Energy Balance Band, bringing good negative ions even closer to you!


Orbus Leisure Launches Two New Cross Trainers in Pro Sport Range

Orbus Leisure has done it again… we have managed to secure two fantastic elliptical cross trainers, exclusively for the UK market and both with a price tag under £300!

The two new models, Infinity Pro and Atlantic Pro will join the expanding Pro Sport range and offer fantastic value for money. As you would expect from an elliptical cross trainer from Orbus Leisure, both models are supplied to the highest of standards and are both feature packed.

Have a look at some of the highlights included with both of these powerful machines:

  • 21 pre-programmed routines
  • 16 levels of resistance, boosting the power of your workout
  • Massive 10kg fly-wheel
  • Quiet motion
  • Oversized footplates

Now for the added extras…

The Infinity Pro will be a hit with those who like to exercise to music as it is supplied with a high quality MP3 / ipod connection point and boasts built in speakers for a little added volume.

The Infinity Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Atlantic Pro features a wireless heart rate chest strap and receiver so you can monitor your workout and your progress as your fitness levels build. There is also a high quality induction touch computer which boasts super light fingertip controls.

The Atlantic Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer

Orbus Leisure have really taken the pain out of buying a high end, gym quality cross trainer. The only problem you will have is choosing between these two great models. Why not check them out today!


Are Vibration Plate Trainers Better than Aerobics?

Vibration exercise, favoured by Sports Stars to Pop Icons, is better than aerobics or swimming at fighting the flab, a study has found.

Females, who followed a sensible diet and used a Vibration Plate or Power Plate three times a week, lost almost twice as much weight as those who combines their diet with more conventional forms of exercise.

The machines were proven to be particularly effective at reducing dangerous fat from around the stomach, research has proved.

Vibration Plates look like something like large weighing scales with a central platform with vibrates. The user stands, sits, leans or does simple and gentle exercise on the platform. The theory is that the vibrations cause the muscles to contract and relax much more frequently than in a normal exercise scenario.

Researchers from the European Congress on Obesity tracked 61 overweight and obese women and men, who were given a variety of diet and exercise programs to follow for a period of six months. Those participants who used a Vibration Plate along with a low-calorie diet, lost on average 11 per cent of their original bodyweight, the researchers found. This compared with 6 per cent for those who dieted but did no exercise and 7 per cent for those who dieted and did conventional work-outs such as aerobics, running and cycling.

That is almost a 90% increase in effectiveness for someone looking to reduce their weight and improve their physique.


3 Easy Ways to Stay in Shape This Christmas

Christmas is a tricky time of year when it comes to over indulgence and many of us find it all too easy to allow our fitness and weight loss goals to be de-railed. Whilst we are not advising you to avoid letting your hair down we do have some tips to share with you that will help you stay on track this December. Why not give them a go…

1.      Alcohol

Alcohol is packed full of “invisible” calories. The chances are you have several parties and get-togethers planned for December and alcohol will possibly feature at most, if not all of them. If you are going to drink alcohol try alternating with a glass of water. And if you drink spirits with mixers go for the low calorie options. Avoid binge eating at the end of the night and don’t nurse your hangover with a fry-up! Instead drink plenty of water at bed time and eat lots of fibre and fruit in the morning.

2.      Keep Active!

If you want to keep on top of your health and fitness levels over Christmas you really do need to stay active. Ok, so you may not have the time to work out as much but you can burn off those calories in other ways. Enjoy the time off work with some long walks in the fresh winter air, or perhaps ask your better half for a new piece of home fitness equipment like a Vibration Plate or Treadmill. Encourage the kids to get moving by taking them on a bike ride or a trip to the beach. You will all feel the benefit rather than a day slouched in front of the television.

3.      Shop Sensibly

The supermarkets love to distract you from your healthy routine over Christmas. They practically encourage over consumption with bargain offers of multipacks of calorie packed snacks, treats and puddings. Even some pre-prepared vegetables can be coated in butter and oil so take a minute to note the nutrition information on the packaging. The average Christmas dinner provides a whopping 3000 calories, but yours doesn’t need to. With lean turkey, freshly steamed veggies and low fat deserts you can make wonderful, guilt free feast for the family.

The key to a healthy Christmas is moderation. Of course have a drink or two but take it steady. Think about what you are buying because if it goes in your shopping trolley it will more than likely end up in your mouth. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself. And remember, there is always the New Year to get back in shape if it all goes a little pear shaped!


Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to the new Orbus Leisure website!

We are really pleased to launch our new website today and hope you like the new look and feel of things. We hope it will provide you with a much better shopping experience and that the new product info, photos and videos will help you choose the fitness equipment that’s right for you.

We aim to keep you updated with the latest health and fitness news here in our blog, where you will also be the first to hear about any special offers we may be offering.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new site, so please let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

Many thanks!

The team at Orbus Leisure.