Orbus Leisure – Did You Spot Us On TV?

We made our TV debut this week, did you spot us? Our Fitness Equipment featured in The Jeremy Kyle Show’s 5 Days of Christmas Event, where we donated a Treadmill to one very hardworking and determined young man.

The story started 12 months ago, when 27 year old Patrick was featured with his wife and children. Patrick was facing a bleak future unless he shed a substantial amount of weight. Fast forward 12 months and with an enormous amount of hard work and determination Patrick has lost an amazing 10 stones. The Jeremy Kyle show wanted to recognise this achievement by delivering Christmas presents to Christmas and we were more than happy to help, sending an Orbus Treadmill over to ITV HQ.

We wish Patrick all the best on his weight loss journey and we are sure the Treadmill will be put to good use. There is still a way to go but after his achievements this year we are sure that Patrick will reach a healthy BMI in no time.

He has been a true inspiration! Well done Patrick!

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