New Ways To Stay Slim In 2012

Keep up with the latest ways to kick start your new healthy eating regime!

Digital Dieting

Scientist’s are now claiming that you can lose weight by just listening to your iPod. ‘Slim pods’ are weight loss programmes created by Harley street hypnotherapy experts. The makers claim that just by listening to podcasts for just 10 minutes every day can change the way your unconscious mind see food and exercise, making it a lot easier for you to achieve your goals. You don’t have to mess around with calorie counting; experts even say you don’t even require will power! If you want to try these new slim pods out for yourself there is a range available online. This is a fun way to get started on your healthy eating plan, and anything that helps you to think about food has got to be useful!

Publicise your plans

This could be the perfect solution for the Facebook addict. Post your ambitions and your plans to eat healthier online. Invite your friends to the site to so they can follow your progress. Research shows that writing down your weightloss goals means that you’re 90% more likely to achieve them. E-mail yourself reminders to ensure you don’t forget your goals. You can also post photos; this will create a picture diary of your journey. Support from followers online can also give you a motivational boost. It’s harder to cheat on a diet when other people are watching too.

Ignore the celebrity chiefs.

Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey make are great entertainers, but really how healthy are their recipes? You can download the BBC Good Food Recipe app which concentrates on making quick healthy meals, and each recipe comes with a nutritional breakdown which includes the calories, salt and fat. It’s also great because you have access get a daily menu option everyday, which can stop you getting bored of eating the same food. You can even add ingredients onto a shopping list which makes the dreaded supermarket shop a little less traumatic. It can be like having your own personal chef in your pocket.

Calories out, and points in.

Forget about boring calorie counting. Weightwatchers Pro points plan works out how much protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre in each portion. The weightwatchers scheme also takes into consideration how your body processes different nutrients. So healthy filling foods such as pulses have a low point’s value, meaning you can eat more of them.

Live like  a Caveman

Try eating foods that were around before farming was invented. Research shows that we can beat diabetes, obesity and heart disease by simply living on meat, fruit and vegetables cancelling out virtually all carbohydrates.


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