Natural Exercise Patterns

Elliptical trainers were developed by Larry D. Miller, who examined the idea for the equipment by filming his daughter jogging alongside his car, concentrating on her leg and arm motion. His theory was to use this motion and put it into a machine that would create the same exercise, with much less strain on the joints.

The elliptical cross trainers we see today are considered to be the ultimate cardio minimal-impact trainers. There are two common types elliptical trainer prevalent in the market today, categorized by the motor or “drive” position. The original design is the “rear drive” type. The more recent “front-drive” elliptical was the second generation design.

Cross trainers are mainly driven via leg motion, and most have handles connected to each pedal-link for the purpose of enabling an exercise burden to also be borne by the arms, which provide a secondary source of driving power. This allows the user to gain a ‘whole body’ workout to much greater effect than, for instance, a bike or walker.

Now, elliptical trainers are not for everyone, with some enthusiasts preferring the traditional nature of the treadmill, however the elliptical can provide a more rounded workout, so the growth in popularity has been huge. The ‘soft’ nature for the impact on legs and joints is another issue that draws people to these machines which overall can undoubtedly provide the most natural form of cardio exercise which can be enjoyed in the comfort and security of your own home.

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