Loving and Looking After Your Heart

So this week people all over the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, so we thought there was no better opportunity to give some tips on how to keep your heart healthy. Looking after your self is another way to love yourself, which is what this week is all about!

Heart disease is one of the biggest problems that is affecting our health today. There are many different reasons why people get heart disease, but one that we can take care of is our diets. Many doctors and dieticians believe that if you look after your diet, and eat the right things, it can have a huge beneficial effect on your heart and reduce the risk of heart disease.

It can be difficult to eat well when you lead a busy lifestyle. Although there is advice available on TV that we should all try to improve our eating habits, it’s not always that easy. People with full time jobs can’t always find the time to cook in the evening, or busy mums may not have enough time for a proper lunch.

But having a good diet doesn’t mean a lot of preparation or hard work. In fact if you get healthy eating right then it can be just as easy. Before you make any drastic changes to your diet, it may be an idea to consult your doctor so they can advise you on what would be the best diet plan for you.

If you’re eating a lot of fried food or readymade meals, then you know you’re not eating well. Eating oily fish such as salmon and a small amount of mono saturated oil, such as olive, can be great for you and your heart. Regular exercise is also important. But if you want to know which diet would be best suited for you, and that can help lower the risk of heart disease then consult your doctor or dietician who’ll be more than happy to help you to keep your heart healthy and well!


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