London 2012 Marathon

The City of London introduced its first ever marathon after former champion Chris Brasher returned from the New York marathon feeling exhilarated and inspired and wanted to make this even happen in his own town. In the 1908 Olympics, King Edward VII ordered that the marathon should start at Windsor castle and end in right in front of the Royal Box at the White City Stadium for the queen to see! The total distance was 42.195 km as opposed to the original distance of 39.90km in the first modern Olympics in Athens. Ever since then…the king’s command has been reality!

The first marathon appeared in London in 1981, and ever since then the race has been hugely popular. In the latest version of the marathon on Sunday 22nd April 2012 there is an estimated 35,000 people that are planning on running in the event. Every year there is an estimated 1 million spectators that line the streets showing their support, making the event not only a competition but a street 42km long street party.

The course of the marathon runs along the River Thames on the south side and then the north side after crossing the Tower Bridge. On the way (starting at Greenwich/Blackenheath to Buckingham palace) runners will pass a number of famous landmarks. Organisers describe the even as a ‘Historical jog around London’ due to the fastness and scenery of the course. But could it be an understatement to call this even a jog?

Fundraising plays a huge part in the London marathon, and organisers say that it is one of the largest annual fundraising events in the world. Since 1981, participants have raised a total of £315 million for charity.

The fitness junkies that are taking part in the race have trained vigorously, whether it be at the gym, personal trainer, or using home gym equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers, and vibration plates. It’s hard to comprehend just how much hard work and training that thousands of people have undergone for this race, and there is no doubt that emotions will be running high as the competitors are pushed to their extreme limits. I’m sure that the scenes will also be touching and spectacular. But who’ll be the winner? Tune in on Sunday to find out!

We wish the best of luck to everyone who is taking part in the London Marathon 2012!


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