Is a Cross Trainer on Your Christmas Wish List?

With Christmas fast approaching it can be easy to lose sight of your health and fitness goals. With a typical December diary being chock-a-block with parties, shopping trips and meals out we all find it too easy to over-indulge. But Christmas and New Year are also times when we want to look our best so how do we find the right balance?

Working out at home is the ideal solution. You can exercise in comfort, without the need to head out into the cold to visit the gym and fit workout sessions into your daily routine with much more ease. You will also find it easier to break your sessions into smaller bite sized pieces, for example ten minutes before work in the morning and a further twenty minutes when you arrive home at the end of the day.

BH Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer from Orbus Leisure

A cross trainer is one of the best pieces of home fitness equipment and no Christmas wish list should be without one. This clever machine stimulates the motions of walking, jogging, climbing and skiing all in one fluid movement without any negative impact on the joints. The chest high hand levers mean that your upper body is exercised simultaneously with your legs and the overall effect is a quality cardio vascular workout.

With regular use a cross trainer can transform your shape and can aid weight loss when eating a calorie controlled diet meaning those extra pounds gained over Christmas can be shed quickly in the new year.

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