Improving Balance and Stability with Vibration Training

Whilst many pieces of fitness equipment can help the user to shed weight and shape up very few products can help to improve core stability and balance. Vibration training is one specific way that you CAN now improve your stability and balance whilst getting in shape at the same time.

If you are unfamiliar with the vibration plate then imagine a machine with a raised platform and two arm rails. The workout is centred around the platform, with the user generally standing or sitting on this vibrating surface. The benefits of exercising upon a vibrating platform are plentiful. The vibrations cause involuntary muscle flexing and this contributes towards increased muscle strength and performance.

The vibrations do not remain in the feet, ankles and legs but are transferred throughout the whole body (hence the term Whole Body Vibration Training, or WBVT). When the muscles in the back and abdomen are forced to flex rapidly they build up strength over time. A stronger core leads to greater levels of balance and stability. This reflex based exercise actually suits muscles which are not used to being toned because the reflex is involuntary.

The vibrations cause such rapid muscle flexing that the workout should be short (around 10 to 15 minutes per session), otherwise fatigue will diminish the results. In addition to an improvement in balance and stability the user will also see an improvement in circulation. As the muscles flex the blood is pushed through the body at a faster speed.

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