How to avoid injury

Even top Olympians and Premiership football stars need to stretch before training; it’s a basic requirement to help ensure you can steer clear of injury.

Of course, some injuries are unavoidable, but pulls, strains and ‘tweaks’ can be avoided with some simple precautions.

You should always look at your exercise as a three stage process. Warm up – Exercise – Warm down.

Warm up

You can increase blood flow around the body, to increase flexibility of the muscles and muscle tissue, allowing free movement and reducing the possibility of wear and strain.

You can start your warm up with some very simple aerobics, such as light jogging for 5 or 10 mins on the road or treadmill. Then move onto some stretching. Again for 5 or 10 mins, concentrating on the correct areas.

Finally push the limits with some three quarter workouts, such as short sprints etc.


You should now be ready for your fitness exercise or competition.

Warm Down

Once complete, don’t forget to warm down. This can replicate the first two stages of the warm up, i.e. simple aerobics and stretching. This will allow the muscles to slowly cool and relax, again avoiding injury.

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