How much do you really know about Core Muscles?

We hear an awful lot about core muscles, and the benefit of having a strong core.

It’s not only when we are exercising that we use our core muscles; we need them all the time in everyday life. They provide strength and support for all of us, all the time. But often too many of us don’t really understand in detail about conditioning of the core, in respect of the reasons and the methods we can apply.

So, as well as your regular cardio busting workouts on a Treadmill or Cross Trainer, or your outdoor or indeed indoor bike rides, it is always advisable to dedicate some time to developing core strength, to enable us to be faster, stronger, less susceptible to injury and to be generally healthier.

There is a great report on the Sports Medicine web site that will enlighten you to all aspects of core strength, and advise how you can achieve a balanced level of strength and fitness. It’s an invaluable read to all budding athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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