How do Vibration Plate Trainers work?

Put simply, Vibration Plates create muscle stimulation safely and effectively, throughout the entire body. Bones and soft tissue are also stimulated. The body reacts to this stimulation with an involuntary reflex action. Depending on the speed setting the muscles will contract and expand up to 14 times per second and as the acceleration forces increase the body is tricked into believing it weighs more. Because you are working against a far greater influence or “load” of gravity in every movement you perform. That means less stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons when compared to regular resistance training.

Whole Body Vibration Training really does offer far reaching health benefits…


With regular use you can expect similar strength gains to conventional gym training, but in a fraction of the time. Scientific studies have proven these rapid strength gains and remember, your workout on a Vibration Plate only needs to be around 10 minutes in length!

Accelerated Weight Loss

The way we look and feel relies on strong muscles and it is our muscles that are responsible for burning through calories. Vibration Plate Training can give your metabolism an enormous boost and when you add a cardio workout to your session the effects are increased further, providing the complete package – firming, toning and weight loss.

Firming & Toning

If you have recently lost a lot of weight you may know how difficult it is to maintain muscle tone. This is because weight loss through diet alone does not discriminate between fat and muscle. The only way to preserve muscle is through resistance exercise. With Whole Body Vibration Training this may be accomplished far more effectively than conventional training in the gym.

Vibration Plates really do produce great results (but of course you need to keep up with a vibration workout routine regularily!)

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