Good Vibrations? Give Vibration Plates a Try!

Vibration plates are fantastic at helping you tone and sculpt your body and are ideal for every age and ability. Not only can they help to tone your entire physique, but they can also help to improve balance and blood circulation and can even banish the dreaded cellulite.

But did you know that there are actually two types of vibration delivered by a vibration plate, each offering distinct advantages?

Oscillating vibrations

With an oscillating vibration plate the platform rapidly tilts from side to side over a single, central fulcrum. As one side tilts one side of your body is raised and the other is lowered and your muscles are forced to rapidly flex. This rapid movement is comfortable and activates the muscles just as they would when walking or jogging, albeit much more quickly and effectively.

Lineal Vibrations

Lineal vibrations force the body to perform rapid muscle flexing repeatedly per second. The plate oscillates in all three planes, rather than side to side, and this movement increases the gravitational load upon the muscles, thus intensifying the workout.

Both types of vibration offer you a remarkable workout and vibration plates are being heralded as one of the best pieces of fitness equipment today. So, if you want a short workout with staggering results buying a vibration plate is certainly a wise decision.

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